• Stormy Seas Pendant

    This is the piece that launched the Story Pendant Collection. It will always be special to me as it helped me understand how much story drives my work. It was the briefest story to date, and in some ways, the most poignant for me. As I gazed at the stone, these words filled my mind...
  • The Story of Midnight Blue

    Since pieces in the Story Pendant are favorites of mine, I've decided to begin sharing the stories of pieces that have sold. So today, I've decided to share the story behind Midnight Blue.

    Growing up, corvids and in particular, crows and ravens, were important to me. They are largely considered to be black birds; however a closer look at their plumage reveals a complexity of colors - ranging from charcoal to steely gray to smoky blue...
  • Butterflies

    Pursuing a creative career is much like being a butterfly, except you don't transform just once. Transformation opens up new horizons, but then you are drawn back to earth, to begin the process of absorbing new experiences, materials, influences and inspirations as you prepare for another chrysalis. Sometimes you can be quite single-minded in your approach, much to the chagrin of family and friends, but you know no other way...
  • 2018 is about sharing the love

    One of my goals for The Purple Raven Boutique is to create opportunities to share my passion for wire knitting. Reflecting back on my own experiences, I decided I'd build a suite of resources to help wire knitting beginners get off to a strong start and to hopefully save them a little money and time along the way.
  • Time for a change

    After much soul-searching, I've decided to close my studio at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation. I will be moving my primary base of operation back to my home studio on Bell Island the end of February so I can spend less time commuting and more time creating!
  • The monthly newsletter has been launched!

    The Purple Raven Boutique has just launched its monthly newsletter! Every newsletter will give you a glimpse into what is currently happening at The Purple Raven Boutique...
  • The birth of a visual arts project

    After the show I decided to keep the wire knitted bra on display, just outside my studio at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation. This gave me a unique opportunity to hear people's comments and to observe how they interacted with it. I’ve been intrigued by how it draws people in, provoking everything from nervous laughter to lewd remarks, and have observed that most people cannot resist touching it, whether they are seven or seventy seven years old...
  • Season's Greetings

    As the countdown to Christmas Eve winds down, I wish to thank everyone who has shown support for The Purple Raven Boutique this past year. Your enthusiasm, feedback and patronage have enabled me to continue doing what I love. For this I am truly grateful.
  • Getting recognized for my work

    It gave me chills to hear my artist's statement read aloud like that. I filled up and yes, I did cry a little. I found myself reflecting back on my decision to leave my government job to pursue my passion full-time and the very steep learning curve I'd traveled to that very moment. Since making my decision, I've had my share of self-doubt and wondered more than once if I'd made a very self-indulgent mistake. And there I was on the morning of November 9, 2017, listening as Ms. MacDonald described my artist's statement as "powerful" and how she was drawn to my work. For the first time since my journey began, I felt a sense of legitimacy and validation, that I truly belonged in the world I now inhabited.
  • Teaching a Class: Making Textured Metal Earrings

    One of the most gratifying parts of the class is watching and listening to how their appreication for the energy that goes into a simple item (like earrings) grows over the course of the class. They were particular too, each working to make their projects as perfect as possible. I was so very proud of what they achieved in such a short time.