• How to use a stick pin style brooch

    Take the Dahlia Bud Brooch in the picture above; it uses a stick pin pushed through from one side to the other. This style of brooch stays secure through friction and gravity, so it is important to use them correctly.
  • What does "gold-filled" mean?

    "The Purple Raven Boutique uses only 14/20 gold-filled wire (both yellow and pink/rose) in its designs as it is more substantial and more durable than gold plating."
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  • What is a "juried" craft show?

    If using original or traditional techniques or historical patterns, being technically adept is not enough. A maker must also demonstrate sufficient originality in approach so the hand of the maker is evident.
  • The Origin of the Story Pendant Collection

    I think that knowing how we connect with history and place, gives us a better sense of ourselves. By incorporating personal items into our lives that are rich in symbolism, history or myth we enable ourselves to connect with the past and bring it into the present, making those stories part of our own.
  • Save the Tax Sale Starts November 4th!

    To help you get into the Christmas spirit, the Save the Tax Sale will apply to any Purple Raven Boutique purchase made on November 4th or 5th, whether you visit us at Posie Row and Co., at the Little Christmas Fair for Hope, drop by our studio at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation or make a purchase through our online store...
  • Handmade Christmas Traditions

    "Long before I was a full-time artisan, I had a preference for handmade gifts - both giving and receiving. In years past I spent my autumn's knitting woolen sweaters, slippers and socks to give to family members. I'd think about each recipient as I chose materials and made each garment. I imagined they carried a little of my love and affection with them each time they wore an item. ..."
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  • Jewelry Tip #1: Keeping your jewelry shiny between cleanings

  • What is Argentium Silver?

    I recently began the process of changing over from sterling silver to Argentium silver wire. As I run out of a particular gauge I am purchasing Argentium silver wire instead.Traditional sterling silver is made up of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. Argentium silver has 93.5% fine silver, but instead of copper, its alloy is germanium. Fine silver is very beautiful but also very soft. Argentium presents a bright, white silver color that is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling silver. It is also more resistant to fire scale, tarnish, and everyday scratches and dents making it great for jewelry makers and their customers...