Gallery - The Knitted Raven


A Sample of Past Work by The Knitted Raven

Feather and Fan Cowl featuring a Flurry Pin of antiqued copper.

Detail on the Sunflower Pendant. Made of bronze and suspended on a leather cord fitted with a bronze clasp..

Feather and Fan Wrist Warmers in alpaca/merino and mohair/silk.

The Great Bear Mandala Pendant in gold-filled wire, accented with Canadian jade and mother-of-pearl.

Mandala style pendant in antiqued copper, accented with Montana agate.

Feather and Fan Cowl hand knit in mohair and silk laceweight yarn.

A collection of pendants inspired by Atlantic lobster pots featuring Viking wire knitting (garter stitch) in rose goldfilled metal.

Genuine Newfoundland Jade wrapped in gold-filled Viking wire knitting.

A collection of candy-colored Labradorite cabochons set in argentium silver Viking wire knitting.

Polar Bear Dreams - A OOAK Pietersite cabochon offers an ethereal glimpse into the dream world of a polar bear. If you look carefully, you will see ice flows glistening in the moonlight and a Beluga peeking up out of the water to get a better view. The stone has been set with sterling silver Viking wire knitting, accentuating the northern seascape captured there.

In Norse mythology, Brisingamen refers to the necklace worn by the goddess Freyja. In Old Norse, brisingr is a poetic term refering to fire or amber. The goddess Freyja has been associated with love, sex, magic, fertility, gold, war and death. According to myth, she receives half of those who fall in battle, welcoming them to her hall in Folkvangr. (Baltic amber and gold-filled wire.)

Monet's Pool Pendant features a stunning Labradorite cabochon that captures colors featured in some of Monet's works, including Impression, Sunrise, Grand Canal, Venice, Cliff Walk at Pourville. It is a stunning reminder to take notice of the beauty of our surroundings, to experience them fully with our senses and be mindful of the nuances of each subsequent moment in that setting. The cabochon is set in knitted 14/20 rose gold filled wire and suspended on a matching 20 inch chain.

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