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Today, I read a post by a Facebook friend, that made me pause. She was questioning why she has insecurities about her body. Friends were quick to reply, offering reassurance and commiserate. Women always seem to be plagued by worries that they aren't enough - aren't sexy enough, slim enough,  strong enough, soft enough, etc.etc. It's a terrible lie that can damage us to our core, and drives some women to poor health/mental health. I believe that making peace with our bodies is key to our health and power as women. Yet our modern culture has no traditions or rituals to support the journey from maiden to mother to crone.  Instead we have sexualized and objectified the female form, and reinforce women for adopting this as the norm. Our bodies are the temples of our spirits. They enable us to interact with the world and with each other in remarkable ways. They are capable of incredible resilience, and can bring beauty and even new life into the world.  As we age, th

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