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Looking for your help

As many of you may already know, The Knitted Raven has a YouTube Channel. I actually started it before my SCAD, while I was still The Purple Raven, but then it sat neglected for three years.   The day I finally went back to it, it was with the intention of decommissioning it.  I noticed that some of the videos had actually seen a lot of traffic during my nearly three year absence. Some videos had lovely comments of encouragement as well.  So I decided to relaunch the channel and slowly start posting more videos.  I've already uploaded two in 2022 and have another one to upload tonight.  This afternoon I've been making and adding more attractive thumbnails for each of my videos and reorganizing the playlists. Because a few of my videos have had thousands of views, YouTube now shows advertisements on most of them.  Unfortunately, they have criteria before they start sharing any income with video makers.  And here is where I need your help. In order to qualify for the content make

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