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Why "everyday luxury" is a necessity

Necessity and luxury are two words that rarely keep company, and I think that's a shame.  It's as if somewhere along the way, taking the time to honor and care for ourselves was sacrificed or twisted into something deemed selfish and unnecessary.   There is a burnout epidemic.  If you don't believe me, spend 15 minutes on social media. I know my feeds can be pretty daunting somedays: death, caregiver fatigue, serious illness, financial struggles, the list goes on.  People have a lot on their own plate plus 24 hour access to the troubles of their friends, families, communities, and the world. It can be a lot to handle, on a good day.  On the flip side, I see more and more younger people talking about burnout and mental health than ever before. At least several generations have come to the realization that our society's current approaches to daily living are not sustainable and could use an overhaul. Self care as an important set of life skills is making a comeback and I

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