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Getting Started in Viking Wire Knitting: A Complete Free Video Course

So, you've seen pictures of the lovely wire knitted rope and you want to try making some yourself, but where to start? No worries, you're in the right place! On my YouTube Channel I have a series of videos geared to helping people do just that. If you've never picked up a pair of pliers before, I would suggest you watch the following videos first as they will help you with basic skills, tools and information you will need. Tool Talk Part 1 How to Make Wire Wrapped Loop How to Use Flush Cutters Safely How to Make Wire Wrapped Loop Above a Bead FAQs About Wire How to Make Earring Hooks How to Make End Caps for Finishing Viking Wire Knitting How to Finish Leather Cord for Necklaces How to Make A Simple Clasp How to Make Jump Rings with Super Flush Cutters Once you've got the basics, you can check out my series on making Viking wire knitted rope chain. How to do Viking Wire Knitting: Part 1 How to Viking Wire Knitting: Part 2 How to do Viking Wire Knitting: Part 3 How to

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