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Making a Pattern Your Own

Using a premade pattern for knitting is what most knitters do when they first get into the craft. I've been knitting for many years and still enjoy making things designed by others, even though I also make patterns of my own. Sometimes, I want to try another designer's pattern to learn a new technique, or to make a garment I've never tried to create before. 2023 was the year I learned how to read a knitting chart and to knit top down sweaters and purchased patterns got me started on both of these. When I'm learning a new technique, I will often follow a pattern to the letter as my entire focus is on the new technique. The second time around, I will likely veer off into the land of creativity to put my own mark on my creation. Such is the case with the Helmi Pattern by Mari Muinonen  (see picture on the right) available for free on Ravelry. I wanted an open-front cardi/vest and this looked like just the thing.  It was also an opportunity to practice reading a chart and t

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