A Feather and Fan Cowl knit in Sugarbush Drizzle and featuring a Flurry Pin in antiqued copper.  Both made in 2021 and both designed by Katherine Walters.

Detail on the Sunflower Pendant, made from bronze wire and suspended on a leather cord fitted with a handmade bronze clasp.  Made in 2021 and designed by Katherine Walters.

Detail on the Great Bear Mandala Pendant, made of gold-filled wire accented with Canadian jade beads and a mother-of-pearl bear.  Made and designed in 2021, by Katherine Walters.

Genuine Newfoundland jade in a setting of Viking style wire knitting in gold-filled wire.  Made by Katherine Walters in 2018.

This pendant was inspired by historical representations of Norse long ships in Viking era artwork.  It features Viking style wire knitting on both side of the frame resulting in a dense garter stitch like metal fabric that catches and reflects the light.  The drops below are representative of the oars passing through the water.  The hammered circle above represents the sun.

This piece was originally designed in 2017 and slightly modified in 2018.  This particular example was made in 2018 by Katherine Walters in sterling silver.

This Infinity Pendant features a sleeve of Viking style wire knitting in 28 gauge sterling silver over a 18 gauge wire frame, suspended from a hammered sterling loop.  Designed and made by Katherine Walters.

This Trinity Pendant was designed and made in 2015, by Katherine Walters, in copper accented with smoky quartz beads, suspended on leather with a handmade copper clasp.

The Flurry Pin is a simple snowflake shape augmented with a stick pin in matching metal.  This particular example features 18g antiqued copper in the body of the brooch and 16g wire in the pin.

The Dahlia Pin is a larger shawl pin design, using the same technique as in the Flurry Pin.  This particular example is made of 18 gauge antiqued copper with the pin in heavier 16 gauge copper.

Side view of a thick Labradorite cabochon wrapped in Viking wire knitting in sterling silver.


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