A new look for a new phase

As previously mentioned in this blog, 2021 has been educational for me and I want to apply some of those lessons as 2022 nears. So yesterday, I made a few changes to my online presence in an effort to simplify things on my end.  

I changed my website to more of a blog format, but included links to where to find me on social media and where to find my online shop.  I migrated blog posts from the last few years to the new site yesterday and worked through linking my custom domain.  It did not proceed without a few small issues - LOL - but these have been overcome.

My previous website was linked directly to Etsy.  I decided to keep my online shop on that platform as that has where it has been almost since the very beginning.  It is a safe and reliable e-commerce platform and I like the vendor tools.

The picture above is the landing page for the website.  Just above the pictures is a horizontal list: "Home", "My Online "Shop" and so on.  Each of these tabs will take you to a separate page on the site.

I encourage you to poke around and get familiar with it.

Also, if you have not yet found me on YouTube, I encourage you to go to the "Where to Find Me" tab and scroll down to the YouTube link.  Growing my YouTube channel in 2022 will be a top priority as I love to teach. 

Hope you'll join me on my new adventure!


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