A sneak peek at the Dark Side Collection (originally published 8 May 2018)

Fog has a way of sharpening perception, especially at night. Lamps emit halos of light as you peer to see what lies ahead. Sounds pierce the stillness, seemingly amplified by the darkened veil. You know when it caresses your skin and shiver even as you sink deeper into the fibers of your clothing. Our awareness of everything becomes heightened as we move through the mists. Introducing the Dark Side Collection where antiqued silver and muted minerals quietly draw attention to form while accenting yours. Designed and made in Newfoundland by The Purple Raven Boutique. 

Welcome to a sneak peek of a new jewelry collection! I uploaded the video to my YouTube Channel this evening. Check it out by clicking the link here.  I did a follow up video  of the same collection.  You can check it out here.


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