Being a virtual shop keeper (originally published 12 June 2021)

Being a maker is an important piece of my identity as anyone who has followed my blog will know.  But there's a lot more to being maker than just creating, even for those of us only doing it in a small way.

I had forgotten how much work is involved in virtual shop keeping.  Before my SCAD, I would work on my online shop in the evenings, after my studio had closed to the public or early mornings, before my studio opened for the day, creating descriptions, updating inventory spreadsheets, and editing pictures.  These days, I work at a much slower pace and am lucky to complete a handful of listings in a single day.

Like a lot of makers, I used to struggle with picture taking.  For the longest time, I felt they just didn't do my work justice.  Then I got my first android smart phone and discovered how to use simple settings and natural lighting.  

Weathered wood and natural stone are two of my favorite back drops for picture taking. I wait for days when it is bright, but not sunny, when taking pictures indoors on my window ledges or table top.  Outdoors, I look for areas that are bright without direct sun.

Today I shot a bunch of pictures. I really enjoy this aspect of virtual shop keeping.  It's like seeing my work through fresh eyes.  Organizing my online shop helps me see what I need to make next as well.  Shawl pins are definitely at the top of the list!

If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I should get another batch of pictures and listings ready to go.  With a little luck, I'll be able to start in on the new shawl pins later in the coming week.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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