Big sale coming this fall (originally published 13 September 2021)

As fall begins, The Knitted Raven has just learned that she has been cleared by her cardiologist to proceed with knee replacement. This will be my second one (the left was done in 2015). Of course all this impacts my shop plans for autumn.  Since I don't know how soon I'll be called about a surgery date, and recall clearly the recovery process the last time, I know I could be out of commission for a while.

With this in mind, I've decided to have a sale starting in early October.  It will feature some items made while I was still The Purple Raven Boutique, items which will never be made again, along with some things I've made this year.  My intent is to clear out as much inventory as possible and to refocus the shop for the coming year.

I have learned that while I am as enthusiastic as ever about knitting wire and fibers, I do not have the physical stamina to do everything I want. And my life has much more than The Knitted Raven in it, and I have to be conscious of this as I plan for my shop.

Going forward in 2022, The Knitted Raven will focus on shawl pins, stick pins and brooches, on knitting notions (like stitch markers) and knitting patterns to allow people to create their own accessories using simple stitches and techniques. There will also be a gallery section where from time to time, I may feature OAK pieces, small sculptures and other wire creations.

So stay tuned!  Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing pictures on social media of pieces that will be part of the big sale in October.  Hope you'll mark your calendar and keep checking back.


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