Forswunk (originally published 29 August 2021)

Don’t be alarmed.  I’m still here. Just a little played out at the moment. 

Since early adulthood, August has always been a tough month for me.  The days grow noticeably shorter and I become more reflective and withdrawn, sometimes to the point of depression.  I’ve always found the darkening of the year difficult. My sleep issues increase this time of year and that combined with my chronic health issues and SCAD-aversary at the end of August, I'm finding things tougher than before.

I’ve also spent a lot of time dealing with other family issues this summer -  e.g. with the family internet service provider, the cell phone provider, the propane stove dealer, with a sick fur-baby, and most recently, protesting the local ferry service crisis that has stolen any chance of economic recovery on my wee island home. (It’s now day 46 of the ferry service crisis.) 

All of this has left me “forswunk” - feeling overworked, exhausted and spent. My creativity has plummeted and I find myself avoiding the activities that usually give me great pleasure.  I have pulled my energy inward, and like a turtle that has pulled its arms and legs inside its shell, I am hiding from the larger world.

The Knitted Raven is supposed to be my creative outlet, my happy place.  So I’ve decided to postpone reopening my shop until October 1st to give myself a little more time to rest and regroup.  Hopefully by then I’ll be on the other side of my current blue funk and will be ready to gear up for the coming holiday seasons.

I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s new at The Knitted Raven this fall!

Picture: Night sky above the treeline near my home. Picture taken by K. Walters, summer 2020, all rights reserved.  


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