King Charles Brocade Bed Socks (originally published February 2021)

Before Christmas, I started a pair of bed socks for my sweetie.  Decided to try something a bit fancy.  Found a lovely stitch pattern I wanted to try out here.  It was for a simple knit and purl diamond pattern called King Charles Brocade.  

Now having a stitch pattern is one thing.  Turning it into socks is quite another.  So I decided to measure her foot, knit a swatch and work out the sock math.  Since sock math can be intimidating, I sought out an expert online.  Vickie Howell made it all seem easy, bless her heart.

For the pattern stitch to work, you need multiples of 12 stitches. Adjust your needle size to ensure you can work in multiples of 12 stitches and still get a gauge/size that works. I swatched before I did this and based my pattern on the results.

I used just over two balls of Paton’s America Kroy FX Yarn for the pair of socks and size 2.75 mm double pointed needles.  It makes a loose sock, ladies’ extra large (Canadian sizes 11-12).  To make a smaller sock, you will need to reduce your needle size.  Remember, you need to have multiples of 12 stitches, so if decreasing 12 stitches is too much, try going down to a 2.5 or 2.25 needle first.  And please swatch first.  You won’t regret taking the time to ensure you get a good fit.

To access the pattern for free, click HERE


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