New Tutorial on my YouTube Channel!

I now know what the expression "it's like watching paint dry" means.  Would you believe it took over 9.5 hours to upload my latest video tutorial via our decrepit local internet connection?

It took less than half that time to plan, make and edit the video.  But it is up! 

I decided it was time to get on with it instead of waiting until conditions were "perfect". So I shot it with my smart phone using an odd tripod like contraption and a clip on microphone, and edited it with the software I currently have.

And it turned out pretty decent. I'm actually thinking about starting to shoot another tomorrow!

The latest tutorial is a follow-up to my most popular video "How to Make a Wire Wrapped Loop".  This time the focus is on making the wire wrapped loop above a bead. It was actually in response to a viewer request.

If you are curious, feel free to click this LINK and check out my fledgling YouTube channel. 

Have a lovely Sunday!


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