Season's Greetings! (originally published 21 December 2017)

Happy Solstice everyone!  We have crossed the threshold into the winter season!

As the longest night of the year approaches, I become introspective despite the hustle and bustle of early December.  I find myself reflecting on the events of the past year, and feeling gratitude for the many blessings I've enjoyed.

I also look back at older pictures, particularly of loved ones who have passed on, but whose memory lives on in my heart.  As I reminisce, I smile, shed a few tears, and sometimes laugh out loud.  While I may still feel sadness at their loss, I am blessed to have known and loved them.

As the countdown to Christmas Eve winds down, I wish to thank everyone who has shown support for The Purple Raven Boutique this past year.  Your enthusiasm, feedback and patronage have enabled me to continue doing what I love.  For this I am truly grateful.

I wish you a safe and joyous holiday season, and the very best in 2018.


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