Stormy Seas Pendant (originally published 6 March 2018)

This is the piece that launched my Story Pendant Collection. It will always be special to me as it helped me understand how much story drives my work. It was the briefest story to date, and in some ways, the most poignant for me. As I gazed at the stone, these words filled my mind:

"...She peered out into the storm past the wet snow clinging to the window pane and whispered a prayer for all those on the sea..." 

Just as the beaches and cliffs are shaped by the beauty and power of the sea, so too are those who call those coastlines home.

The Stormy Seas Pendant is a window into the world of those who live by the sea.  This unique Pietersite cabochon  was wrapped in 14/20 rose-gold-filled wire and suspended on a matching 20 inch chain, and was part of the Story Pendant Collection by The Purple Raven Boutique.

At The Purple Raven Boutique, every piece of jewelry really does tell a story. Now you know how I learned how important that was to me.


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