The Fall Sale has been moved! (originally published 24 September 2021)


You know what they say about the best laid plans, right?

Today I got a call telling me I have finally been booked for knee replacement on October 8th.  This is a big deal for me as I needed it done before I had my SCAD in 2018. I've been limping around on it since then and it has deteriorated further, cutting into my ability to exercise for my heart health.

Of course, this changes when my Fall Sale can start!  Most everything will be ready to go before I go in hospital, but I will need to be home to oversee order fulfillment.  I'm shifting things ahead by two weeks and the sale will commence October 15th and run until Halloween.

There will be deep discounts up to 50% off in the "Fall Sale" section of the shop as well as time limited specials on regular merchandise. And I will continue to post pictures leading up to October 15th to show you what you can expect.

Thanks you for your patience and hope you'll visit my shop on October 15th!


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