The future of the Purple Raven Boutique (originally published 6 October 2019)

Fall is a time of beautiful decay as the outside world prepares to let go of the summer and brace for the coming of winter. The leaves do not weep. Animals go about the business of preparing for their winter slumber or surrender to the outer changes needed for continued survival. They take the inevitable in stride with as much grace as they can muster...and so shall I. 

As you already know from my previous posts, I had a life threatening health event last year that left me quite weak.  I have spent the last year convalescing and rebuilding my strength as much as I can. 

While I have made improvements and my day-to-day quality of life is much better than last winter, my capacity is still significantly diminished. I have plateaued, so to speak, and according to the wonderful team of healthcare providers supporting me, I have likely achieved as much improvement as possible with the heart I have.  

Given that operating my business was a physical challenge for me before my health event, it is not reasonable for me to make plans to reopen.  I have to be sensible and plan a future that is within my capacity and provides for spending as much time as I can with those I love, doing the things I love.  

If there is one thing this whole experience has shown me, is that it is a mistake to take time for granted.

The jewelry inventory I have remaining will go on sale in my Etsy Store shortly. My hope is to sell off as much as possible in anticipation of closing permanently before the end of December.

Thank you for supporting The Purple Raven Boutique, and for your thoughtful messages over the past thirteen months.  


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