The Knitted Raven has a new nest (originally published 24 May 2021)


So after giving Squarespace a try for a few months, I've just moved my website back to Etsy's Pattern.  

While I liked some things about Squarespace, there were things I found very frustrating. Etsy's Pattern was where my website was based when The Purple Raven Boutique existed, so the learning curve will be small. And it's like getting two shops at once. I have my Etsy Shop and my website and the listings are linked, which is a real time saver.

It will take me a few more sessions to get all my listings back up, but today I got the custom domain linked and that was the hardest part.  When so many things in our lives are uncertain these days, it's comforting to be able to steer at least one aspect back to familiar ground. 

I'm pleased to announce several new shop sections.  The section "For Knitters" was actually the last one I added while with Squarespace.  So far it contains one knitting pattern (available as a digital download) and some stitch markers.  I'm hoping to add a few more knitting patterns over the coming months.

The next section, "Jewelry Tutorials" features digital products exclusively.  I've already posted several tutorials that I created for The Purple Raven Boutique, all about Viking style wire knitting and the tools needed to do this.

Some may wonder why I'm selling tutorials showing how I do what I do when I'm also selling finished products.  Fact is, I would like to see more people knitting with yarn and wire.  And not everyone wants to purchase a finished product.  Some people are looking for a new hobby, a DIY project or to expand their existing craft skills.  I'm hoping my tutorials and patterns might resonate with them.

Anyway, that's the latest from The Knitted Raven.  Hope you all had an safe and enjoyable holiday weekend (in Canada).  Cheers!


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