The origin of the Story Pendant Collection (originally posted 1 November 2017)

I've always been drawn to jewelry that tells a story.  Sometimes I'm attracted because the design is based in history or myth and is rich in symbolism.  Sometimes it's the technique or materials that draw me in.  Other times it's where the piece was made.

It's interesting to explore where this attraction comes from.  I think that knowing how we connect with history and place, gives us a better sense of ourselves. By incorporating personal items into our lives that are rich in symbolism, history or myth we enable ourselves to connect with the past and bring it into the present, making those stories part of our own.

And isn't it all about the stories?  Stories really are food for the soul. They infuse the mundane with meaning, and add to our personal mythology. A unique piece of jewelry, chosen for its inherent qualities and the meaning it holds for the wearer is much more than a beautiful accessory or means of personal expression. It can also be a source of personal power because of the feelings it evokes whenever you wear it.

The Story Pendant Collection features beautiful cabochons, hand-selected by me specifically for the unique stories they have to tell. Each is given a hand knitted setting in either silver or gold-filled wire, and is suspended on a matching chain. Each comes with a written copy of its story, so you can reflect on it and why you were drawn to a particular piece.

As a maker, my goal is that every piece of jewelry I make tells a story, and that its wearer can make it part of their own.


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