The satisfaction of making (originally published 19 June 2021)


It has been a few weeks since I last made jewelry.  Seems like all the spoons I have available each day are being consumed by other things.  Well, today I got back at it for a few hours and the results have been very satisfying.

Sometimes, I'll get an idea and it will percolate in the studio in my subconscious for weeks or months before it finally emerges.  I've been thinking about how to design a knitted brooch with an integrated clasp for a while now.  

Viking style wire knitting needs a frame to support it.  The frame also needed to include a clasp and a stick pin portion.  Today, I worked out the last few details and gave it a try.  Here is the result.

The frame is 14g bronze wire secured with 26g wire weaving.  The knitting is in 28g bronze wire, accented with aventurine beads and a mother-of-pearl bear.

It was fiddly to make, so I expect no two will be exactly alike, but I'm very pleased with it!



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