The story of Midnight Blue (originally published 6 March 2018)

Since pieces in the Story Pendant Collection are favorites of mine, I've decided to begin sharing the stories of pieces that have sold. So today, I'm sharing the story behind Midnight Blue.

Growing up, corvids and in particular, crows and ravens, were important to me.  They are largely considered to be black birds; however a closer look at their plumage reveals a complexity of colors - ranging from charcoal to steely gray to smoky blue. 

I have vivid memories of time spent watching these beautiful birds.  I've observed how one member of a pair or family group will keep watch while the others are foraging.  I've watched them work cooperatively to outsmart a sled dog out of the contents of his food bowl. I've watched a parent show its youngsters how to eat a sunflower seed.  I've watched large groups gather at dusk and marveled at how I can pick out individual voices amid the din.  But watching a mated pair of ravens play in the air against the backdrop of a clear blue sky is truly something.  They weave, dart, roll and soar completely engaged with each other and joyful in that moment.

I made Midnight Blue late last year.  It was a stunning oval Labradorite cabochon that I wrapped in antiqued sterling silver Viking wire knitting and gave it a matching 20 inch chain.  The sky blue stone and charcoal/gray/blue tones of the antiqued silver capture the beauty of corvids in flight against a clear sky.  It serves as a reminder to take joy in what you can do and to share these moments with the people who mean the most to you.  

This piece, part of The Story Pendant Collection from The Purple Raven Boutique, sold in 2017.


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