Things don't always go as planned (originally posted 25 June 2021)


As a maker, there are times when things go exactly as planned; then others when they don't.  Ocassionally, a happy accident results in something unexpected, but delightful.  Other times, you can salvage the project, but are left feeling a little disappointed.

Earlier this past week, I was attempting to set two small cabochons with VK knitting to turn into a pair of earrings.  I made two matched frames and knit exactly the same number of stitches around each cabochon.  Despite this, the result was not satisfactory.  While the knitting was even, upon closer inspection I realized the cabochons were not quite the same depth.  Hence the unidentical results.  So I do not have a pair of Noreena Jasper earrings.  Instead, I have two small pendants.  LOL.

On a brighter note, I finished shawl prototype 2.0 last evening and washed and blocked it.  I am so very pleased with how it turned out.  Made it with Istex Einband yarn in color 9009 (Cardinal). And on our warmest summer day yet, I've been outside modelling an Icelandic wool shawl.  You know you're a knitter when...

I plan to make a few changes to the design before I do it again, but this was a wonderful learning experience.  And I have knit something for myself (which rarely happens) which I will be thankful for next winter.

I haven't given up on making tiny earrings though.  I have two sets of tiny hoop frames made and ready to become the smallest mandala style earrings I will have made to date.  No cabochons to create issues for me this time.  Just wire, stitches and tiny little beads!

I'll let you know how these turn out.


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