Trying something new

Today was an off day for me. My energy was low, but it was someone else's news that really got to me today.

I learned that a fellow cardiac survivor is having a very hard time. As sick as he is, he is worried about becoming homeless before he qualifies for palliative care. 

I was gobsmacked.  Then I got angry for him, then I cried in frustration. Canada's social security safety nets has holes in it large enough to drive tractor trailers through. People who are chronicly ill through no fault of their own, deserve so much better. 

I am lucky. I have family support and do not rely solely on Canada Pension Disability.  But many Canadians aren't so lucky. And most people are only one unexpected health event away from seeing life from a very different perspective. 

Stories like this represent the worst fears of most people dealing with serious chronic illness. As if sickness wasn't bad enough.  

I've chosen to blog about this because more people need to understand and be aware of how badly the country and provinces fail at providing support to some of the most vulnerable citizens. 

Most people coping with chronic illness don't have the connections or the energy to advocate for changes. But maybe, just maybe, someone reading this post does.

Tomorrow I'll be checking in on my fellow cardiac survivor to see how things are going. But tonight I had to look after my own state of mind as despair is not somewhere I can afford to stay. 

Prior to my SCAD, I had purchased a drop spindle kit and some dyed roving from a fellow maker.  I had recently been watching some how-to videos and decided tonight I definitely needed a distraction. 

What I did not anticipate is how relaxing,  soothing and satisfying my first attempt at spinning would be. It did more for my state of mind than I could have imagined. 

I realize I am lucky and privileged to not have to face the worries tormenting my fellow survivor, to be secure in my home and still have the where-with-all to learn a new hobby. 

I foresee a letter to my federal MP in the very near future...


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