Wire Working 101: A series of free video tutorials

Today I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel, the latest in my Wire Working 101 Series.  The goal of this series is to demonstrate fundamental wire working techniques using basic tools.  The skills shown will enable viewers to begin their own creative journey in jewelry making.

The latest installment shows how to make simple ear wires using 20 gauge wires and basic wire working tools. You can find the tutorial here:

How to Make Simple Earring Hooks

Other topics in this series include:

  • How to make a wire wrapped loop
  • How to make a wire wrapped loop above a bead
  • How to use flush cutters safely
  • How to finish leather cord ends
  • FAQs about wire
  • How to make end caps (for Viking wire knitting)

In the next few episodes, I will be showing how to get started in Viking wire knitting.  I'll be breaking this into short videos as the upload speed in my area is abysmal, but I will walk you through setting up to knit, how to knit with wire, how to add wire as you go, how to finish up a length of Viking style wire knitting to get it ready for jewelry making. 

If you are interested in learning to make jewelry and in wire knitting please consider subscribing to my channel so you don't miss future updates.

Have a great evening!


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