How to Use Liver of Sulphur to Antique Wire Jewelry

If you've been working your way through the videos on my YouTube channel, you will now have several pieces of finished jewelry in natural copper.  Natural copper is lovely and will take on a patina over time; however, I like to speed up that process and have some influence over how the antiquing actually looks.

This week's upcoming video will be on how to use liver of sulphur (LOS) to antique wire jewelry. Liver of sulphur darkens the metal. By selectively removing some of this, you get to choose which areas will be highlighted.  And wire knitting looks wonderful with this sort of shading.

As I've been working on this video, I've also been building on my editing skills and have started using Canva as well to add variety to my visual presentation.  

The video will (hopefully) be uploaded and live by the weekend. I hope you'll check it out. 


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