Life is what happens while we make plans

So a short while back, I shared a crude drawing of the new workspace I hoped to create for myself in the wide hallway of my small home.

I no longer have a dedicated studio space even though I am still making a little jewelry, drafting simple knitting patterns and working on my YouTube channel.

Our hallway is four feet wide, so I thought I could carve out a space for myself there.  It meant relocating some things, but with my family's help that was done quickly enough.

Unfortunately, some of the storage solutions I had identified and put on my IKEA wish list have not been available for online purchase for some time.  So I decided to try and reuse what I currently had on hand to try and make it work.

I took two of the smaller pantry cupboards that once sat in my studio and put them side by side at one end of the hall.  On a temporary basis, I've "borrowed" our gateleg dining table as a work bench since I can fold it down when not in use and not block the hallway.

I also order one rolling shelf, as the revised plan does not have the workbench space afforded by the tall narrow storage units in the original plan.  My sewing and knitting tools and materials and materials have been relocated for now.  That shelf arrived yesterday.  I'm hoping to assemble it tomorrow.  Then we can measure up for the work bench and I can shop for a stool (does Princess Auto ship I wonder?).  The idea will be that both the cart and stool slide under the bench, out of the way when not in use.

The picture on the right shows the way my space currently looks.  The small catchall shelf on the end will be relocated when the bench is built and installed. I've decided to install a peg board above the work surface to give me more vertical storage.  The shelves high up on the wall came out of my former studio too.

Carving out dedicated space for creative pursuits can be challenging.  The key is to scale your activities to better suit the space you have.  Once it's closer to done, I'll likely make a vlog post about it for my YouTube channel and show you where I've tucked all my stuff!


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