Latest installment in the Wire Working 101 Series is live on YouTube!

So you've just started wire working.  You've been practicing your simple loops and wire wrapped loops and are anxious to start doing more than attaching a drop to an ear wire.

Have you considered combining wire wrapped loops and chain? It's a simple way to open up a greater range of design possibilities.   And there are different ways to do this. (The pictures below show jewelry I made at the beginning of my wire working/wire knitting journey.)

1.  Simply slide the wrapped loop over a length of chain or using jump rings (like you would if you were suspending it as a pendant.

2.  Attach the wire wrapped loop to a chain link using a separate jump ring.  This is a great way if the chain you are using is complex and you want to ensure the drop you are attaching can move freely.

3.  You can also attach the chain directly to a closed loop by forming the loop around a link. 

Since the first two are fairly self explanatory, my latest video focuses on #3 - how to make the wire wrapped loop around the chain link.

You can find the free video tutorial HERE

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