It's Spring!

Spring arrives late here in my neck of the woods. And there can still be snow and frost right up until the third week in June. But as the days begin to warm, the pull to be outdoors beats everything else. So far, we've created a second rhubarb bed and amended the soil in the original, set up our cold frame, started a bunch of plants indoors and converted our tool shed to an indoor grow room. It has been a busy few weeks. Today, I'm resting (second day in a row) as I burn through my spoon reserves pretty quickly these days.

I've also been volunteering with a local advocacy group as we struggle to maintain essential services in our community. That also takes spoons.

But next week, I intend to get my video tutorials back on track!
My next video will be on how to do Viking style wire knitting front and back to create a fine garter stitch in a frame. This creates a lovely effect and in sterling silver will shimmer like sunlight across open water! It is one of my favorite VK techniques.

Anyway, here's a few pics from the garden and a picture of the next technique we will cover. 


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