Moving toward a distilled life

So, some of you may be wondering where the heck I've gone this summer. Last summer was full of jewelry and knitting pics and adventures.  This year, nil.

June and early July were consumed getting our little rental on Main Street prepped and sold. That was a project and then some.

Then in July I found a contractor to replace our roof and started sorting through the remaining bits from my former studio. The summer heat caused that to be postponed several times.

Since the cooling of early August I've been back at it, sorting, listing some things for sale and giving others away. Anything we no longer use is fair game. 

I found some marketing material from pre-2018 and turned it into 500 - 1 inch hexies this evening. My Fiskers hexie cutters were the best purchase I've made in a while.

It actually felt better than just dumping it all in the recycling bin. Bits of my old life - pre-SCAD and LAM - being transformed into something I will use now.

As my 4th anniversary of surviving SCAD came and went last week, I find myself more than ever, wanting to focus my energies and simplify my life. I'm starting to call it "distilled living". Not minimalist,  but more focused and simple than before SCAD. 

Anyway, tomorrow is a rest day, then we start in on the studio attic.

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