Barnacle Wrist Warmers - Extended Version

I recently decided to make a longer pair of wrist warmers to see how adaptable the initial pattern could be.  I had some leftover Manos del Uruguay yarn from another project, and cast on 36 stitches one my 4 mm double pointed needles.

I ended up using about 43 grams of yarn (according to my kitchen scale) and did 20 pattern repeats, plus eight rows of ribbing at the beginning and then six at the end.  Why the difference?  So the wearer can easily tell which way is up so the pattern displays in the same direction on each hand.  Yes, I am that particular.  If you don't have my hang-ups around things being "same-sie", you are free to make your ribbing the same at both ends.  LOL

These tuned out lovely!  There was plenty of stretch for a large woman's hand and forearm. If I made them any longer, I likely would have wanted to play with the stitch count.

So if you fancy longer arm warmers, the Barnacle Wrist Warmer Pattern  is flexible enough to grow in length!


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