Why "everyday luxury" is a necessity

Necessity and luxury are two words that rarely keep company, and I think that's a shame.  It's as if somewhere along the way, taking the time to honor and care for ourselves was sacrificed or twisted into something deemed selfish and unnecessary.  

There is a burnout epidemic.  If you don't believe me, spend 15 minutes on social media. I know my feeds can be pretty daunting somedays: death, caregiver fatigue, serious illness, financial struggles, the list goes on.  People have a lot on their own plate plus 24 hour access to the troubles of their friends, families, communities, and the world.

It can be a lot to handle, on a good day. 

On the flip side, I see more and more younger people talking about burnout and mental health than ever before. At least several generations have come to the realization that our society's current approaches to daily living are not sustainable and could use an overhaul.

Self care as an important set of life skills is making a comeback and I am thrilled. Of course, self-care means different things to different people, and that is just as it should be. For some, it means setting aside some "me time" every day.  For others, it means creating little daily rituals that help us find the joy in the present moment, or scheduling time for creative or spiritual pursuits.

For me, knitting is a god-send. It engages my senses, fills my immediate space with texture and color, and rewards patient repetition of a series of precise movements that, in the end, magically transforms lengths of fiber into wonderful things. While some projects are more involved than others, some are smaller and provide an opportunity for me to use the very best materials I can afford.

Enter wrist warmers.  I often get asked if I really wear them.  The answer, of course, is a resounding "yes!"  I wear them at night as I like to sleep with my arms above the covers.  I wear them knitting, journaling, working on my laptop...basically, all the time.

And can we talk for a moment about how deliciously luxurious it is to wear a little mohair and silk while doing everyday things? It is an absolute delight.  Oh that all practical and useful things were as delightful.

This small thing that I do, using a small thing that I made for myself, using luxurious materials, is one of my self care practices. Not only does it ensure my hands stay warm and my fingers nimble, it is a physical reminder that I am important and worthy of such things.  Every time I slip them on, it gives me a little lift.

And couldn't we all use a little lift some days?

What sorts of everyday luxuries do you practice?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments below.  

Hope you are safe and well in your part of the world. 


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