Hurdle Stitch Bookmark

In between larger projects, I sometimes like to pull out leftover bits of yarn and play.  I often don't have a project in mind.  At best, I decide to start a swatch, or try out a stitch to see how it looks in a particular type of yarn or needle size.

Yesterday evening, I pulled out some Blue Faced Leicester laceweight yarn (purchased from Smashknits) leftover from my Eye of the Storm Shawl project earlier this year.  I grabbed a pair of steel 2 mm double pointed needles and cast on some stitches.  I recalled a simple stitch pattern I had found via Pinterest a while back.  Before I new it, there was a swatch underway.

My sweetie is always looking for another bookmark so I decided to grow my swatch into a bookmark for her. The finished dimensions of my bookmark are 1 7/8 inches wide by 10 inches long (not including the fringes) or about 4.5 cm wide and  25 cm long (not including fringes).

Note: my patterns are posted for free without annoying advertising pop-ups. I do this on purpose as some people are intimidated by aggressive advertising,  and I want my patterns to be available to everyone. If you are in a position to show a little appreciation for my work, consider buying me a coffee ☕️ using the link on the home page. If you wish to knit items for sale using my patterns, please credit me as the designer and do not underprice your work!

Materials: A small amount of laceweight yarn.  I used a total of 5 grams (between 45-50 yards) of yarn, including the fringes. A pair of short double pointed needles.  I used 2 mm but 2.25 or even 2.5 mm (more common needle sizes for sock knitters) would also work as gauge is not critical for this project. If you like a firmer fabric, then a smaller needle size will work better.  You will also need scissors, a tapestry needle, and a small crochet hook (1.5 - 2 mm).  The crochet hook is for attaching the fringe.

Pattern:  Cast on 20 stitches. Proceed in the pattern stitch as follows:

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Knit

Row 3: (K1, P1), repeat to the end.

Row 4: (K1, P1), repeat to the end.

These four rows make up the Hurdle Stitch.  It is simple, but gives a lovely textured fabric.

I did 40 repeats (160 rows), then completed rows 1 and 2 once more before casting off.  That's 162 rows of 20 stitches or 3240 stitches!  Next, weave in the ends.

To make the fringe, I wrapped yarn loosely around a small notebook 40 times, cutting the yarn at the top and bottom. Using two short strands at a time, I used the crochet hook to pull the loops through the cast on/cast off edges, then pulled the ends through (making a larks head knot). There are about 20 sets on each end. I then used scissors to trim them down to a neat length.

This makes a lovely gift and a great travel project as it is small and the pattern is very easy to remember.  I quickly realized that when the right side is facing, I do the opposite of what I did in the previous row, when the wrong side is facing, I repeat what I did in the previous row. This way you only have to look at your previous row to know what you have to do next!

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Happy Knitting!


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